Key figures for French certified shallot plants production

Key figures for French certified shallot plants production

The figures below show trends over the last 10 years for the main parameters of certified French shallot plant production.

Production structures

Production acreage presented for inspection has fluctuated annually between 120 and 160 ha. In 2017/2018 (2017 harvest), total production acreage was 156 ha, divided as follows:
• 122,93 ha in Brittany,
• 15,25 ha in the Pays de Loire
• 14,20 ha in Auvergne-the Rhône-Alpes
• 3,62 ha other

The total number of professional plant propagators was 39 in 2017/2018 (2017 harvest).
Average production acreage per professional plant propagator is currently 3.93 ha (7,52 ha in Brittany, 1.09 ha in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 2.18 ha in the Pays de Loire).

Top varieties

The top 5 propagated varieties in France are:

Varieties Acreage (ha) presented for inspection

Acreage detail

Quality standards

Rejection rate over the last few years ranged between 0—3,5%. In 2017/2018 (2017 harvest), this rate was 0 %.


Certified tonnage is on the increase: from 2,600 quintals in 1980/1981 to 25,466 quintals in 2016/2017.

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