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Choosing shallot plants

Shallots are a species that is propagated by vegetative means: during this process, shallot bulbs divide and form a clump of bulbs which are attached to a root plate. The so-called ‘plant’ is in fact a bulb belonging to this clump.

To be sure you are purchasing the best quality shallot plants, buy only certified plants carrying the blue certification label delivered by the Official Inspection and Certification Body (SOC).

These certified plants, which have been selected by French breeders, offer a higher yield and are free of diseases (viruses, rot, nematodes) which usually affect conventionally grown shallots.

Certified plants can be purchased from your local garden centre. Certified shallot plant producers comply with the strictest quality standards.

Available in small size packages, these plants are sold by professionals who are equipped to store plants in the best conditions. Compliance with quality requirements is checked by the Official Inspection and Certification Body (SOC).

• +35 % harvested shallots
• Larger uniform bulbs
• Uneventful plant emergence
• Vigorous green plants

Shop-bought shallot must not be used for planting

  • Shop-bought shallot is often improved in order to enhance its storage qualities, and for this reason it may fail to germinate;
  • Moreover, shop-bought shallot can be a vector of diseases which could contaminate the soil and affect other crops.

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