The french shallot seeds production

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Plant research and selection for the diffusion and promotion of new varieties.

Shallot nutritional specifications sheet available on the APRIFEL (fresh fruit and vegetable agency) website.,produits.php?p=78

Association of producers (AOP) of fruits, vegetables and horticulture

Horticulture and vegetable production cooperative. Produce traditional shallot and shallot certified plants in the Maine et Loire area.
The "Confrérie des Amis de l'Échalote d'Anjou" get up the "Shallot feast" in Chemellier (49) the third Sunday in July.

The Variety and Seed Study and Control Group. The GEVES is the public body in charge of carrying out mandatory trials for:
• the approval* of new plant varieties,
• the legal protection of plant breeders' rights
• the inspection and certification of seeds prior to sale

Gnis (Groupement National Interprofessionnel des Semences et plants)
The Interprofessional Body for Seeds and Seedlings. This association supervises the Official Inspection Body in charge of garlic plant certification.

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research

La foire à l'échalote de Busnes (Pas-de-Calais)
A real institution! Two days of feast every second week-end of September, with shallot farm producers.
Special sights : the "Shallot blow" contest, the "shallot toss" and the parade of the gastronomic confraternity of Bunes's shallot!

Les éco-gestes au jardin
Web site of the Ministry of ecology and sustainable development presenting ecological attitude for gardeners and easy methods to protect environnement in the garden.

Farming cooperatives union from Britany who produce shallot certified plants and a wide range of vegetables.

An online magazine dedicated to seeds and vegetable grains and the role they play in our everyday life.

A breeder and producer of certified garlic and shallot plants in the Drôme.

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